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Dare to take the first step to change your life, to feeling healthier  and more dynamic
Enjoy every moment of this program specially designed so that when you come back home,
to your daily routine, you will feel that your body and mind 
are no longer the same, that you have started to walk on a new path, 
more vibrant, full of energy and good vibes.
There is no turning back, you have chosen to feel better and now, there are no limits,
nothing can keep you from feeling good about yourself."
Guillermo Rodrigues
Ancla 1
Miami Fitness Retreat

A getaway for body and soul
Where your body and your mind meet

Training. Meditation. Passions Hobbies.

"You feel the sun on your skin,  your muscles feeling stronger, your breathing  steady.
Surrounded by palm trees  and the sound of the sea , feeling the Miami vibe.
You are simply in the moment. Peace and gratitude fill your heart.
You are part of a group of people you feel you have always known,
almost forgetting your daily routine,
learning how to live your  life more fully, 
taking care of your body, your mind and your soul.
New doors open for you. 
 This is what  was missing from your life and now no one can take it away".
Mena Tejeiro
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